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Mid Level (5-10 years) and Senior Level (15+ years)

We are looking for RF/MW Designers for receiver circuits (PLL, Synthesizer, Oscillator, Mixer, LNA, Up/Down Converter) and Power Amplifiers in the 2GHz – 60 GHz frequency range. Designer will employ MCM (Multichip Module), Hybrid, Connectorized and Chip & Wire technology. 

Experience using simulation tools like ADS and MW Office as well as RF/Microwave test equipment. 

Successful candidate needs an understanding of System level issues involved with RF/Microwave board level design, such as Harmonics, IP3, Noise Figure, Signal to Noise Ratio, etc. 

We need RF/MW Engineers that have a working knowledge of component design including but not limited to Amplifiers, Synthesizers, PLL, VCO, LNA, Up/Down Converter, Filters, Mixers, Coupler, Switches, etc.  Experience using test equipment to measure S-parameters, noise figure, intercept point, compression point, switching speed, spurious and phase noise electrical circuits, components and integrated microwave assemblies. 

BSEE required (MS preferred) and 5+ years of experience.

U. S. Citizenship or Permanent Residency Required, Active Security Clearance a plus.

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